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Astrologer in India

 Rukhman Gaur is a leading Astrologer working under the leadership and guidance of his father pandit Sh. Shankar lal ji narunda Gaur. He is a well qualified and experienced Astrologist and Gemologist.
Acclaimed worldwide, Rukhman gaur, has been practicing astrology for over twenty years with mastery of the subject coupled with a deep perception and understanding of the practical aspects of life. For his predictions, he utilizes his knowledge and expertise of astrology to predict precisely and to help identify and achieve objectives; to recognize the unexpected opportunities and obstacles that one may encounter.
His in-depth knowledge is coupled with his unique and dynamic thoughts and ideas. Acclaimed worldwide, Being an astrologer Mr. Rukhman gaur wants to reach out and help people as he feels that one’s life is the product of interplay of destiny, hard work and luck. He believes that astrology has to reach the end user because he needs it. He has established himself as an astrologer of standing.
Mr. Rukhman Gaur has a lot of experience with Vedic astrology. Over the years, he has consulted with many clients and helped them in various fields. Some of the services he offers include: reading horoscopes, providing counseling in various life issues such as career issues, how to deal with enemies, relationships and love, life readings, career, business, money, property ownership and other personal matters that someone could be struggling with.
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